Music & Drama Ministries

**Beginning September 12th, we will begin to relaunch some of our Music Ministries

Music has always been a big part of the Lutheran movement in Christianity, and as such, we have a rich tradition of music and drama here at Clairemont Lutheran Church / Iglesia Luterana Clairemont.

Sanctuary Choir Modern Worship Spanish Worship Children's & Youth Choirs Handbells

Sanctuary Choir

Under the director of Dr. Steven Gray, our Sanctuary Choir regularly sings for our Sunday morning 8:30 a.m. worship and at other special times including Ash Wednesday, Holy Week and Christmas. Rehearsals are Monday evenings. 

Here's more about choir and organ music from Dr. Gray:

Modern Worship Group

If you play guitar, bass, drums, keyboards or sing folk, gospel, modern or contemporary Christian worship music, we invite you to use your talents here to add new music to the worship life of our congregation.

Spanish Worship Group

Our Worship in Spanish is traditional yet casual and expressive. As such, there is room for different types of worship music. We usually have a worship group consisting of guitars, percussion and horns. If you have a talent for music and want to share it for the glory and praise of Jesus Christ, we invite you to be a part of our Spanish Worship Group.

Children's & Youth Choir and Drama

We offer a free music education program for children aged three to youth aged 18 during the school year. The various groups meet on Thursday evenings for rehearsal and learn everything from reading music to singing in a choir to performing in musicals. Our children's and youth choirs sing regularly worship and at other special times of the year, including Advent and Christmas.

Katy Lundeen is the director of the program, and in this video, she talks more about the importance of music and drama education for children and youth:

Handbell Choir

Our Handbell and Chimes choir rehearses Wednesday evenings and regularly offers music during Sunday morning worship and at other special times.

For more information about Music & Drama Ministries, contact Dr. Steven Gray.