Special Music for Worship

We are currently seeking musicians and vocalists to offer special music at our Celebration Worship (blended worship gathering, 10:00 a.m. Sundays).

Special Music is defined as a solo or group musical offering where the congregation does not explicitly participate, but instead listens and meditates on the music offered.  It is not considered a performance, but rather an offering to God and to the congregation.

Special Music can be any style or type of music, and your participation can be a one-time engagement or an ongoing commitment.

If you are interested in providing special music, please fill out the form below and  one of our church staff members will contact you.


Worship Band and Vocal Ensemble

We are seeking individuals who are called to the ministry of song to consider using their God-given gifts for leading worship in our faith community. 

We are seeking musicians and vocalists who can adapt to different styles of music.  Strong lead vocals preferred, but not a requirement. 

The congregation has budgeted weekly compensation for a Praise Music Leader, and is looking for a strong guitarist/vocalist for this role.

Contact Pastor Jon for more information.