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Living "in-between" days

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We can be “in-between” in many different ways. These pandemic days are in-between our “stay at home” orders and being able to move around freely again. For many people it is getting more difficult to just stay home, and nerves are getting frayed.

For some of us it is a time between jobs, waiting for what is next. Wondering when our employer will be able to open up again, or if there will still be a job at the end of all this.

Many of our young people are between classes. They are trying
to learn online and know that it is not the same as being in the
classroom. We don’t even know what school will look like in the fall, which really brings anxiety to kids and parents, too.

Some of our people are looking to a graduation and then wondering what’s next. Usually this can be a time of fun, and all the celebrations. But that’s not true this year. They join the rest of the population concerned about an unknown future.

We are also between pastors, wondering who will be here as a part of our leadership team. Our transition team has finished up our site profile, the job description, and we are looking to find a call committee. Day by day we wait, but we know that ministry still happens here.

God also knows us to be in-between who we are today and what we will be tomorrow as God’s still beloved one. God knows us
always and we are never orphaned, God abides here and now in this in-between time.

In-between can be a time of loss and mourning. Jesus says to us that at such a time, I will not leave you alone. This is sacred time because God dwells here, in-between.

Until we gather together again may you be filled with God’s peace and love.

Luther Hall and other building project update

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Since the dedication of the remodeled Room Two and new laundry room, more work has been performed on Luther Hall over the past month.

A much-needed new furnace has been installed in the building at a significantly less cost thanks to the work of our Building Committee members. The former storage closet between Rooms Two and Three is in the process of being converted into a pantry space.

Special thanks to members of the Men’s Group for volunteering to paint the room. This will allow us to store food items and other supplies needed for various ministries. The men also painted the
Pastor’s Sacristy and Vestry, which had not been painted in nearly two decades.

A new furnace is also being installed in the Church Office. Some window and door upgrades are also being assessed. The Building Committee is hard at work assessing the proposals from contractors for the Fellowship Hall Project.

More updates to come.