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Luther Hall renovations underway

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If the caution tape and cones didn’t give it away, the renovations of Luther Hall are in fact well underway.

But well before the first hammer was swung in Room 2, additional sewer cleanouts were added in the parking lot over the summer as
a much needed step in updating plumbing for the building. But now the project is starting to take shape.

Within the last two months, Room 2 has been stripped of its old carpet, and the toilet, sink and tile in restroom has been
removed. But during the process of making plumbing upgrades to turn the restroom into a laundry room, our construction crew members found a plumbing issue that needed attention. This
involved ripping out drywall and old pipes which had been leaking.

Additional electrical outlets and plumbing has been added to Room 2 to accommodate a refrigerator, microwave, coffee makers and two sinks. All the walls (including the brick and paneling) as well as the ceiling have received a fresh coat of
new paint.

In the coming weeks, a new tile floor will also be put down in both Room 2 and the Laundry Room, and the cabinets, countertops along with a new window and serving ledge will be installed in Room 2.

More updates to follow.

Update on affordable housing project

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(Photo by Andrew Bowen, KPBS)

From Eddie McCoven, church staff member:

A change in City of San Diego policy could finally be the good news we've been waiting for in terms of our affordable housing project.

A reduction in parking regulations may be granted for churches and other types of public assembly venues for organizations seeking to build affordable housing on its properties. This means we could no longer be required to have a specific number of parking spaces, and that we could possibly move forward with building affordable housing units in our mostly unused parking lot.

Watch the report, featuring Pastor Jon, on KPBS.