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Cleaning up our streets

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Members of the church have continued to clean up the streets in the greater Clairemont community.

The project began as a single street median cleanup during our Week of Service back in July. Church members cleared weeds and other brush from the street median on Genesee Ave. from
Bannock to Chateau. A couple weeks later, church members cleared the rest of the median up the hill to Mt. Herbert Ave.

Most recently, church members worked on clearing weeds and brush from the median on Clairemont Mesa Blvd. between Shawline St. to the middle of the 805 Freeway overpass.

Our efforts caught the attention of appreciative neighbors as well as The Clairemont Times. and 10 News

Building Project Update

We are in the Final Plan Check stages for the New Fellowship Hall building. The Building Committee along with our architect have addressed additional concerns from the city, and the final schematics were submitted on September 30th.

Once the plans are approved by the city, we can put the project out for bids, and will bring these bids to a vote of the congregation. The most up to date project plans can be viewed on the Building Project page on the church website:

Additionally, we have been working with a contractor for the “Kitchenette” and Laundry Room in Luther Hall as well as some new windows and doors for the Church Office.

Over the summer, we received a lot of media attention about our proposal to build affordable housing in our church parking lot. The story also got picked up by media outlets in the state. We received numerous emails and phone calls from several
individuals wanting to know how they can help the congregation with this project.

We will continue to provide updates on the building project in your Sunday worship bulletin and on the church website.